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Honest and adventurous marketing solutions.


BleachedBlack is currently run by a one-woman army - Isabella Lynch.

Isabella is passionate about marketing, writing and helping people push themselves and their brands just a little harder to get some magical results. She studied a Bachelor of Communications at Massey University and has worked agency-side in advertising for 5 years for clients such as Briscoes, Countdown, Mercer Financial Services, Life Health Foods (Lisa’s) and Marley. Creative to boot, Isabella has also worked in the fashion industry, styling and writing for an array of magazines including Remix Magazine and Together Journal. She also holds a Certificate in Design and Visual Arts from Unitec.

Isabella has recently had her first child, Theodora Ramone with her husband Ben, who are both really important members of the BleachedBlack tribe - sometimes Theodora pops into meetings and gives her two cents worth.

At BleachedBlack, we like to work hard and have fun. We aim to take the pressure off our clients so that they can worry less, and spend more time servicing whats important to them, their clients and customers.


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